BAC Calculator (Blood Alcohol Content)

BAC Calculator

This online BAC calculator is good for estimating your BAC level, but your actual BAC will vary depending on a host of different factors, such as your hydration status, recent meals, fluid intake, kidney function, and much more. If you’re interested in buying a breathalyzer to get a more accurate estimation, I would highly suggest the model listed below.

0.00 – 0.03% Normal behavior, no impairment
0.03 – 0.06% Mild euphoria and impairment; decreased inhibitions
0.06 – 0.10% Buzzed, euphoric, increased impairment
0.10 – 0.20% Drunk, emotional swings, slurred speech, nausea, loss of reaction time and motor control
0.20 – 0.30% Confused, nauseated, poor mentation, blackout
0.30 – 0.40% Possibly unconscious, unarrousable, loss of bladder function, risk of death
Above 0.40% Unconscious, coma, impaired breathing, risk of death

Important Notes
If you’re typing in a custom percent alcohol, remember that the proof of an alcohol is double the percent (e.g. 80 proof alcohol is 40%)
If you’re entering a mixed drink, only count the number of shots you put in (not the drink’s total volume)
Everyone is different — BAC calculators are merely an estimate. A breathalyzer or blood test is the only way to have an accurate measurement.
This calculator assumes the legal limit for driving is 0.08% and 21 years old. Please note that the legal limit for driving may vary depending on state/country and your age.
All calculations are based on the US Department of Transportation.


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