How Does a DWI Affect My Insurance?

One of the worst parts of getting a DWI charge is the effect it has on your insurance policy. A DWI increases insurance rates in almost all cases. You can almost guarantee that your insurance rate will go up once your provider sees the violation on your motor vehicle report. You are now seen as a bigger risk than ever. In some worst case scenarios, the provider may even refuse to continue giving you coverage altogether.

Continue reading below to find out what additional factors may affect your insurance rate. You’ll also learn the steps you need to take to secure your auto insurance coverage after getting a DWI in the state of Missouri.

DWI increase auto insurance.

Factors That May Affect Your Insurance Increase

There are several factors that come into play when your insurance rate increases after a DWI offense. Your age, where you live, and your driving history are all things that your provider will consider when adjusting your rate. The amount of time that has passed since the DWI could also affect your rate increase. 

How Much Will My Insurance Rate Increase After a DWI Charge?

On a national average, auto insurance policies tend to increase by about 80% after a DWI charge. Depending on the insurance company, one’s auto insurance could increase anywhere between 28-371% in this situation. According to Insure, the state of Missouri’s annual rate is $1,288. It usually increases by about 64% to $2,117 for drivers that receive a DWI charge. 

After your DWI offense, you may need to shop around for a new insurance policy. While some providers will not continue to cover you after this kind of offense, others will. For example, Progressive accepts DWI drivers with a national average increase of about 6%. 

Do I Need an SR-22 Form after a DWI Charge in Missouri?

DWI law in the state of Missouri requires that you submit an SR-22 form. This form helps you on your path to regaining your license because it proves to the DMV that you have insurance. Submitting this form means your insurance company is now required to alert the DMV if it plans to cancel your policy. This is another reason why you may have to shop around for a new auto insurance policy because not all providers offer SR-22 policies. 

Contact the DWI Lawyer You Deserve

If you are overwhelmed and confused about where to begin when dealing with an auto insurance policy after a DWI charge, contact a trusted DWI lawyer to help you navigate the process. The Shostak Law Firm, LLC can help you get all the information you need regarding insurance policies after DWI charges. We can also answer any questions or concerns you may have in the meantime. 

Visit our website to view SR-22 and other helpful information. There is an enormous amount of information on the internet, but sorting through it on your own can be a nightmare. Without knowing the law in a professional sense, it can be difficult to separate the facts from fiction. 

Let The Shostak Law Firm, LLC put in the hard work for you because you have enough on your plate right now. Give us a call today to get started on working your way back to the ideal insurance policy. 

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