DWI Defense Strategies

One of the first things you need to do after a DWI arrest is to call a DWI lawyer as soon as possible. That first phone call will be just one of many detailed conversations that you will have with your legal counsel. Your lawyer will need to know every detail about your arrest in order to form defense strategies for your case. When explaining what happened, start with any pertinent pieces of information that may have led to you being pulled over. Give as much specific information as you can from that day, starting from the beginning of that day and ending with the moment you first called your lawyer. 

You want to make that phone call immediately so that you can easily recall these details before they become blurry. The more information your lawyer has, the better the defense he or she can build for you. There are many common defense strategies that DWI lawyers use, and your details can help your lawyer zone in on a strategy option that best serves you. While the strategies seem easy to comprehend, they are only effective with the skill of an experienced lawyer. 

What Are the Most Common DWI Defense Strategies?

A DWI offense can come with major consequences and long-term effects. To make sure any punishments received match the offense, you need to have an experienced DWI lawyer on your side. With the right experience, a successful lawyer will already be familiar with these strategies. Here at The Shostak Law Firm, LLC, we work hard to keep you from suffering any more than you have to. Let us find the strategy that best highlights the truth regarding your specific case.

Here are a few of those strategies: 

  • Challenge the reason you were pulled over.

An officer must have probable cause to pull you over. Speak directly to your lawyer and include all details leading up to your arrest. This will help your legal team determine if there was probable cause in the first place. 

  • Challenge the field sobriety tests.

These tests are simply not reliable. Officers usually go through training on these tests one time in their career, and it leads to a variety of versions once they are used. Without consistency, officers are left to fill in the gaps on their own and that leads to gray areas in judgment. Also, there are plenty of natural reasons why someone would fail a field sobriety test even sober. 

  • Challenge the blood tests. 

Blood tests are incredibly delicate, so give all the details of the process to your lawyer. If anyone failed to follow protocol for the blood test, then the results can be invalid in a courtroom. 

  • Challenge the officer’s testimony. 

If you can provide another witness’s testimony, then you can point out flaws in the officer’s testimony. Also, if you can explain things that the officer considered to be red flags, then you can make the officer seem less reliable. 

  • Challenge the breathalyzer test. 

There are too many reasons why this test is fallible. For example, something as trivial as the amount of alcohol in mouthwash could yield false results. 

Contact a DWI Lawyer Today

If you have been pulled over for a possible DWI, contact us today at The Shostak Law Firm, LLC to discuss your experience. We are here to make sure you are treated fairly in a court of law. Call us today to get started on the best defense strategy for your case. 

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