Will My Employer Know about My DWI?

Getting pulled over for a possible DWI offense is a stressful situation that does not end after the arrest is over. Depending on your experience and court proceedings, you may find yourself continuing to deal with the consequences even years later. One major consequence of a DWI offense is how it affects your job or the probability of obtaining new jobs in the future. Continue reading to see what your options are when it comes to reporting your DWI with an employer or future employers. 

Do I Have to Tell My Employer About My Recent DWI?

Whether or not you have to tell your employer about your recent DWI depends on the type of work you have. There are certain jobs that may require you to notify your employer. These include jobs such as: pilots, truck drivers, military personnel, postal workers, childcare providers, and rideshare drivers. If your job required some kind of security clearance, then chances are good that it also requires you to tell your employer about your DWI.

Can My Employer Find Out if I Do Not Disclose My DWI?

Yes, you should assume that your employer can find out about your DWI. With the advancement of technology, it is not difficult for anyone to look up personal information about another person. Be sure to consult the paperwork from your onboarding process. See if there is a notification process that you agreed to, it could apply to situations like this. 

How Can I Fix My Reputation After a DWI?

There are some jobs that require you to notify employers after a DWI, but there are others that do not. However, the occupations that do not require a notification may still face negative consequences by a DWI offense. There are certain jobs that require a positive reputation within your community. These jobs include positions in the medical field, in education, in politics, in law, and in religion. If you have received a DWI, you may not have to notify anyone at your job. However, the damage done to your reputation could compromise the success of your career. To help keep your reputation intact, you can hire a trusted DWI lawyer and consult a solid public relations company. Also, don’t waste time in working to reinstate your license so you can continue working. If it was suspended or revoked, your employer will most likely find out about it.

What To Do If Asked About DWI on Job Applications

If you are worried about reporting your DWI on a job application, you should contact a DWI lawyer today. You should be honest on your job application, but you also have the right to protect your privacy. You never have to give more information than what is required. Make sure to read your application slowly and ask questions when you need clarification. You can always complete the application to the best of your ability. Once you finish the application, send it to your DWI lawyer for a review before you submit it to your hopeful employer. 

DWI law can be tricky to navigate when it comes to your job. It can make the process of keeping your job or getting a new job more complicated than you might expect. If you have recently dealt with DWI charges, contact us today at The Shostak Law Firm, LLC. We can further discuss how this can affect your career. Our firm can help you navigate the process of updating your employer, if it is required. We can also assist you with completing future job applications in a way that is both honest and mindful of your privacy and rights.

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