DWI with Illegal Substances

Driving while intoxicated can get you into a hefty amount of trouble, but it is not the only traffic offense that can significantly change your life. Driving under the influence of illegal substances or drugs is another realm of legal trouble. This is a consideration any time you get behind the wheel of a car. If the substance, illegal or not, affects your driving in a negative way, then that is all it takes to violate the law. Shockingly for some, this could include medicine like over-the-counter cough syrup for a common cold. Before you take any medication or substance, read below to find out what could happen if you were to drive in an impaired physical state. 

Is a DWI with Drugs/Illegal Substances Worse Than a DWI with Alcohol?

While some people would naturally assume a drug case is worse than an alcohol case, that is not necessarily true. Moreover, fighting a DWI offense can be easier than you think with the right legal defense. To test your sobriety, the police officer must have some initial reason to question it. Signs like erratic and unusual driving are usually what draws attention to you first. 

Commonly Used Field Sobriety Tests for Suspicion of Illegal Substances

The officer pulling you over will probably look for any visible signs of substance abuse. Those signs could include things like injection marks, dilated pupils, perspiration, and unusual pulse rate. You may be subjected to some of the same field sobriety tests. These are typically given to those suspected of DWI with alcohol. This can be problematic because there are plenty of reasons why the average person might fail them, sober or intoxicated. A completely sober person could fail a field sobriety test. Nerves, physical impairments, distracting nearby traffic, lack of lighting, inclement weather, medical conditions, or illness can impact the test results. If this has happened to you, you can still challenge the results of your field sobriety test with a trusted DWI lawyer. A qualified professional understands how unreliable these test results can be. They will take the time to investigate the problems surrounding your testing. 

Is a Blood Test the End of My Case?

Just because you may have agreed to a blood test does not mean you can’t still challenge your case. Yes, your case could be stronger without the evidence of a blood test involved, but even if you do take a blood test, your lawyer may be able to argue against the validity of the test after a thorough investigation. Blood tests are incredibly delicate. Without standard protocol, mistakes are common. Trust your DWI lawyer to examine the process of this test to ensure whatever results you received are valid. 

What if I Smoked Marijuana Days Before I Got Pulled Over?

A DWI for marijuana can be difficult to prove because of how long the cannabis stays in your system. With the right legal team, this can actually work to your benefit. If this information pertains to you, be sure to share it with your lawyer immediately.

Contact a DWI Lawyer Today

If you have faced arrest for a DWI offense, you can still challenge the accusation with an experienced DWI lawyer. A qualified professional understands how complex these situations can be and will fight hard to investigate your case thoroughly. If you were pulled over for a possible DWI with illegal substances, contact us today at The Shostak Law Firm, LLC to discuss your experience and uphold your legal rights. 

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