When DWI Charges Lead to Ignition Interlock Devices

There are several repercussions that follow a DWI charge, but some of the most inconvenient consequences are the requirement of an ignition interlock device (IID) and potential loss of driving privilege. While it is possible that you could be forced to use one after your first offense, it is a definite requirement on your second offense. For multiple offenses, you will have to keep the device in any car you operate. The minimum time requirement is six months, but a judge could require a longer sentence depending on the case. 

What is an Ignition Interlock Device? 

Simply put, an IID is a breath-testing device that is connected to your car’s ignition, headlights, and horn. In order to start your car, you would need to breathe into the device so that it could test your blood alcohol level. The car will start if you do not have alcohol in your system. However, if the device detects alcohol, the car will not start and the horn will begin honking loudly while the lights flash. 

Additionally, you will continue to be prompted to retest while you drive. Imagine how this will impact your driving privilege. The IID will give a small amount of time for you to pull over safely to blow into the device again. This aspect is included to continue checking your blood alcohol level as you operate the vehicle. Depending on your number of intoxication-related traffic offenses, your use of the device could help reinstate your driving privileges. This could be complete forgiveness or a shorter sentence. 

Driving privileges with Ignition Interlock Devices

What is the Cost for an Ignition Interlock Device? 

The cost depends on which manufacturer you use. It usually includes a price for the device plus a monthly maintenance fee of about $70. To get the device installed, you will need to contact a manufacturer. They will be the ones to process the installation paperwork with the Department of Revenue for the state as well. The day the manufacturer notifies the Department of Revenue is the same day the clock starts ticking on your required time to hold the device. When your time is finished, you will go back to the same manufacturer to have it removed. For a list of popular manufacturers suggested by the state, click here

If you have had multiple DWI charges, then your device will come with enhanced requirements. After multiple offenses, you are required to obtain a device that comes with GPS technology and cameras.  The cost of an Ignition Interlock Device is far greater than just money. This device will challenge your driving privilege.

Are the Features of an Ignition Interlock Device Dangerous While Driving? 

The features of the device are annoying at most, but they are not dangerous. They do not change the way you drive or cause your car to turn off. Since the device is connected to your ignition, it can only affect whether or not your vehicle can start. It does not cause your car to come to a halt or completely stop in the middle of traffic. Again, if you blow into the device and alcohol is detected, then the car will react by sounding the horn and flashing the lights. Moreover, your device would still work if someone else needed to use your car. You would just need to make sure that person has not had any alcohol either. 

Getting Your Driving Privilege Back

DWI law can be tricky to navigate. It can make the process of getting your driving privilege back more complicated than you might expect. If you have recently dealt with DWI charges, contact us today at The Shostak Law Firm to get you safely back on the road. Our firm can help you navigate the process of obtaining your full driving privilege so you don’t have to sort through forms that confuse and intimidate people outside of the profession. 

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