What You Should Do Immediately After A DWI Arrest In Missouri

Being arrested for driving while intoxicated (DWI) can be extremely stressful, overwhelming, and embarrassing. After you get home, you simply might not know what to do next, how to build your case, or how to protect yourself from further damage.

Here are some good places to start:

  • Shut down your social media. Make your social media profiles (including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) private, or shut them down completely, at least temporarily. You don’t want to talk about what happened publically at all, and you don’t want to give authorities any evidence from your profiles that might be used against you.
  • Write down everything you remember. No detail is too small, and you can start forgetting things pretty quickly. Go over everything that happened that night, including what you drank, who you were with, and exactly what happened during your interaction with police. A small piece of information may be the difference between beating a charge and having a mark on your record.
  • Identify potential witnesses. Be sure to make a list of potential witnesses that can vouch for you that night, so your lawyer can interview them about what they saw that might help your case.
  • Take care of yourself. It can be easy to feel worthless after a DWI charge. It’s also normal to feel depressed, anxious, and fearful of what’s to come. Although it’s hard, this is an important time to engage in self-care, realize that you do not equal your actions, and that people make mistakes. It’s also a time to talk to your doctor or therapist if you feel that you need support.
  • Talk to a DWI attorney. No matter how hopeless your case feels, or how simple you think the facts are, a DWI attorney can help you investigate your case, understand your options, and prepare your best defense. Generally, they can help you with your case every step of the way, and ensure you are totally informed and get the best outcome for your charges, based on the facts.
  • Be prepared for your court date. Be sure that you know the exact date and time for your court date and that you are there on time and looking professional. An attorney can help you prepare for the court proceedings themselves, but you have to be responsible for getting there at the right time and being dressed in a respectful manner.

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What do you do after you’ve completed the first few steps after a Missouri DWI as listed above? Your St. Louis DWI attorney can walk you through the rest, every step of the way, so that you can return to living your life and put your charges behind you. To learn more, get our FREE Missouri DWI Survival Guide.  

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